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Chilli Exporters

Since inception, SHIVA EXPORTS has stayed true to consistently deliver quality products that cater to the expectations of overseas customers. The company recognises that merely ensuring outstanding taste, nutrition and value of the products is not enough, but should gradually evolve to higher levels and better ways that showcases a picture of INDIA, a country steeped in rich history, innovation and continual growth.

Our focus remains to stay true to our legacy and ensure the continuing patronage of our customers, from various parts of the world.

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We're a leading Supplier and Exporter of Dry Red Chilli India, Crushed Chilli, Dried red chilli powder of High quality with 100% Pure, Hygienically sun dried, Unadulterated with Low/High Pungency level. We export dry red chilli of S4 sannam, Byadgi red chillies, Teja chili, Wonder hot, S12, Mundu S9, Kashmiri mirchi and Endo 5 of popular dry red chilies in india.

And, Our Company is equipped with the work force of Young and dynamic team of professionals who are well trained and highly customer oriented with a strong knowledge in Export/Custom procedures.

Packing standards, Certification process is mandatory for various countries needed such as EU, South America, GCC, South east Asia, etc,. because of this, it will enable us to provide best service to our overseas Buyers.

Dry red chilli It's actually a matured green chilli sun-dried. When dried under the sun, chillis turns in to Dark Red colour and develop more with Natural taste. Tempting flavour and Nutritional value. Indian Dry red chillies are usually hot with High / Low pungency character and used as spice across varies cuisine in the world. It also used as ingredient and seasoning for some dishes. The quality of the chili varies as per their Size, Heat, aroma, and pungency level.

The different varieties of chilli grown across various region in India. But, some of the popular chillies are Guntur sannam chilli, Teja chilli, Byadgi, Wonder hot, Indo 5 chilli, Tomato chilli few to name. It is grown especially in south region of the country. I.e., Guntur, Warangal, Ramnad, etc, Which accounts for more than 75% of the country’s total chilli exports.

India is the biggest producer, Consumer and exporter of chilli crop in the world. Indian Chillies are most popular amongst their consumers worldwide for its Purity, Natural taste. Due to Flavour and Pungency an Indian Dried Red chilli in the international market is a testimony to their unmatched quality and escalating faith in their sustainability.

Our DRY RED CHILIES QUALITY is 100% Natural & Pure, Hygienically dried, Unadulterated with Tempting taste & Nutritional values High and low in pungency.

However, the major arrival season extends from February to April.

We at Shiva exports, export Indian Dried Red Chilli to South Africa, West Africa, Gulf Countries, Singapore, Malaysia and Sri Lanka .

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Bydagi chilli specifications

Style : Dried
Flavour : Less spicy
Colour : 90 to 140 ASTA
Pungency (Heat) : 20000-30000 SHU
Appearance : Fully Wrinkled
Crop : Current Year
Quality : A/C Best
Origin : Andhra Pradesh
Moisture : 10%
Foreign material : 2% maximum
Crop : Current Year Crop and AC/Crop
Loose Seeds : 2% maximum
Broken chilies : 5% maximum
Length : 14-17 cm
Breath : 1-1.5 cmt
Drying Process : Sun Dry

Teja chilli specifications

General Character : Bright Red Color, Thin Skin & Fiery hot.
ASTA color value : 50 - 70
Pungency : 65,000 – 85,000 SHU
Capsaicin : 0.59%
TYPES : Teja S17 type Chilli with stem
Dry red Teja S17 Chilli Stemless
Crushed dry red chilli flakes
Dried red chilli pepper powder

S7 Teja Chilli Specifications

Type : With Steam / without steam
ASTA Color Value : 33
Capsaicine : 0.24%
Moisture : 12%
Foreign Material : 1% Max
Loose Seed : 3% Max
Damaged and discolor pods : 3% Max

334 chilli specifications

Product : Red Chilli
Moisture : 12%
Size : 5-13cms
Verities : Teja/S17, 334/S4/No.5, Baydgi & 273
Grade : A
Colour : Red
Shu(Hot) : 10,000-100,000
Crop : New Crop
Shape : Stick


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